Thursday, 24 December 2009

Rockin' round that none existent christmas tree!


Aaah, Winter time. Christmas time to be exact, is all us kids wait for, and now it's here i'm excited and sad. I don't want it to be over!
Where i am, the weather has been so bipolar! It started to snow, then rain and on some days it's been sunny. And i can't find my sun cream!

Above is a picture of my first jumper of the label i will call The Laundrettes. It has Kiki's delivery Service, the besr film ever, on it. Hand painted by yours truly. I love the bubblegum pink and the white paint goes sooo well. I'm thinking of adding pearls. I was so sure i'd mess it up, but great news i didn't. It's almost too good to be true.

These are photos of me, getting ready for a christmas party. I was wearing my favourite plum lipstick. It makes me feel like i'm either dead or living beside Marie Antoinette in the Versailles palace. Very pop coloury.


These are pics of me,

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