Monday, 19 October 2009

Buffalo 66

This is a photo from Buffalo 66. The second picture made me cry, when i watched. Thanks to me my very dear friend R.W for lending this to me. It's all about a man who comes out of prison and lies to his family about his life. In an act of desperation, he kidnaps Christina Ricci, and forces her to be his pretend wife, and she agrees. I found it kind of weird that hse did, but her character was kinda bored with life. And, she falls for him at the end of the night, and he reluctantly lets himself fall for her.
I love how their just strangers. And, she helps him.
I loved her tap shoes. Yeah, she does tap dance in the film. He kind of wears ankle swayers, and i hate his boot, and his small tank top, but he pulls the awful clothes off.



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