Tuesday, 27 October 2009

I just don't know what to do with myself

Hell-o ...
I don't think i have blogged for a couple of days, even though i've only got 1 follower, it matters to me!
I sometimes feel like i'm talking to myself, which most of the time is the case, but whatever!
Over some days now, i've been collecting photos that i really love or hate, and i'd love to share them. I've watched a few films and listened to some great music. Oh, and yesterday i went into Selfridges, a bit bummed that POP hasn't changed, and i did want to check out Vogue Paris but they didn't have it, and i came across Jalouse, which is a French Fashion Art magazine. And i loved the editorials, they had a quite a few, some i didn't really like but some i really loved!
I read on Tavi's blog about spending good money on magazines instead of scans off the internet, and she's totally right, it's worth it if you love it! I was looking forward to buying French ELLE, but it wasn't to my taste!
I keep a Fashion scrapbook, and i buy magazine's and cut them up and make my own little magazine. Yesterday, i got scrapbook happy, cut up two Teen Vogue's and a POP magazine! I think i'm addicted because i'm itching to cut up my new magazines, Teen Vogue and Jalouse. And, i mustn't!
A dose of Flistones is what the doctor ordered.

It's Chanel. I can't get enough of drinking the Chanel perfume like she's drinking a can of Coke. It's genius.

Now, i know this is from French Vogue! I am a big fan of pink tshirts, plus i love their blonde hair against the sun and how natural it is.

I like how she stands out. I also find it hilarious that she's in her swinsuit or underwear and it's called Seducer.

The Hair!

I love how disturbing and troubled this is, but at the same time how peaceful and quiet it is. Really love the hanging on the top of the building and the view!

Bed and Board, in English. Francois Truffaut, another great French film maker. Only recently got into his films, but love them. This film was adorable! I loved the bed scenes, and my favourite scene was 'non, macci macci, c'est mochi mochi'.

Do not ask me why i don't like this, because i honestly don't know! It gives me the creeps, makes me feel uncomfortable and just plain makes me feel sick. This is from Italian Vogue, i think. And the other pictures, are worst, i can't stand them either. There's about ten models who are dressed as scarecrows. I think it's the white background, i used to hate the royal family of a deck of cards. It's the fear of no end and no beginning. Nothing.

I'm one of the people who is super excited about UP, and all balloons just remind me of it! I wish balloons really did make you fly, i mean like lots of little ones! I absolutley love Russell! Now, Pixar rules!!! I love her hat and her make-up. Yummy! I reminds me of the cherry advert. But i love how childish it is. It's great. It's so playful. I'm definately going to have a balloon party! Y'know when you were like yay high, well i'm still yay high but, and you'd go to teddy picnics, balloon picnic. Bring a balloon and socialise!

Purity and innocents, are the two things that girls possess. I was talking to my best friend on the bus yesterday about purity and innocents. And, i came to the conclusion that there's a time when you should be pure and innocent and a time when you should loose it. Obviously, it depends who you are. But this is a very pure and innocent photo.

I cannot express my love for JEAN LUC GODARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's the king of French cinema, in fact he's on the royal family of cinema! I'M A LOVER OF FRENCH CINE! It was my mum who introduced me to him. She bought me Breathless, which i have to add his films have amazing fashion! I then saw Band a parte, which was cute as hell and amazin-g. But, my all time favourite is Pierre le Fou! Anna Karina is one of my favourite actresses, i almost write my favourite French actress but she's Danish! The dress that she wears in Pierre le fou, is on my list to make before i die. It's actually a good idea for a wedding dress. Mmmm. There the best films, and your not complete until you see them.

I think this is from Vogue Paris but definately know it's from Vogue! I love the background the outfit is comme ce comme ca, but the hair and background! And, everyone loves Mickey Mouse!!! He's ultimate! I prefer him to Minnie Mouse. I hate new Disney, the originals are whate children should be watching, they're magical! I definately think Original Disney is going to be burried under so much crap cinema!

I remember when i went to Dover Street Market with my mum, and they have a little book section, and i picked up a book which had Chloe Sevigny in it, and it talked about this film, Kids(1995). So a couple of days ago i watched it and i absolutely loved it. It was crazy. It's about sex, drugs and social behavior of teengaers in NYC. I think it's set in New York City, but if i'm wrong, sorry! But i loved Chloe Sevigny outfit in the movie! It actually inspired me for an new outfit. Her outfit was really simple, it was a blue and white t-shirt and jeans. That's it!



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