Friday, 6 November 2009

TGI Friday

Photos consist of Savannah Miller's blog on Tokyo and the baby pic. Happy Bithday Nylon from Nylon's website. Also Pics from various artist's work. Plus photos from Nylon, Nylon  Korea and Vogue Fr. I did want to put some pics from Jalouse but that idea failed!
I got tingles in my stomach, when i looked at pics from Jalouse. I started to think about which photos i would use in my scrapbook!
I am so glad that it's Friday, i wouldn't have survived another day! Woohoo! I could run naked down the street i'm so happy.
Tomorrow, i should be getting more magazines, which is the genius.
I spent yesterday screaming about Vogue being out!

Have a yummy Friday!

I'm going to spend my Friday night watching The Breakfast Club and Weird Science, which my good friend was kind enough to borrow to me!



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