Thursday, 11 March 2010

Innocence Is Best Served With a Cigarette.

This is an independent photography shoot by one of my best friends, Rochelle White, who also has a blog

Rochelle and me share so many loves! You don't know how relieved i am to have Rochelle to talk to, because most of the things i talk about to my friends, they look at me like they must rush me to a mental home quickly or my mental sanity will be lost foreveeeeeer!

Anyway, Rochelle has the giant urge to take photos, and she really wanted to do a shoot that was innocent/rebel/ all at the same time, if that makes any sense.

These photos were taken in an alleyway on the way to a friends house, after school was out. It was so much fun! I had to change out of my school uniform, as we Brits are subjected to UNIFORM.  It took like twenty minutes to shoot, and my other friend izzi was there, doing a seperate shoot with bubbles. So we were all happy bunnies.

Highlights: Teaching Rochelle how to inhale and getting to work with Rochelle. Yay, Rochelle! We finally did what we always talked about!
Down points: None! Except the deathening cold killing my thumbs, so it took way to long for me to light up.

I wear Rochelle's earrings from Camden Market, and my top is Zara boys.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Rochelle White
MODEL: Joyce Lennox



Anonymous said...

Not necessarily a mental home Joyce.

Your photos are genial Joyce.

Krislyn said...

beautifully done. i love the photography.

Joyce said...

Thank you guys, and Rochelle is truly an amazing photographer, no matter how modest she is! Haha.

Youthless said...

Thankyou Joyce!
This made me put my hand to my heart whilst smiling (gooofy) Thanks Guysyss <3

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