Friday, 30 October 2009

Love to Hate

I went to my friends house today, and i haven't been there for a long long time, and it was so much fun. It was a-day-before-Halloween-party. I ate so many lollipops, i can't even count. We danced in the street, i walked on walls, we made a scary movie which involved alot of screaming and noises that i'm not even sure a lady should be making, but it's all for the effect! There were also Flying Saucers. I love them, the sugar inside!
I realised, today, that i love to hate things. I don't mean i love hating, but i've started to love things that i hate!
New find: A place to take photos when i'm oout on my own. Yay me.
I wish i could get hold of Muteen!
I feel like watching Thelma and Louise! I've actually started to replay it in my head, great movie.
O, and today i found out that one of my best friends has watched the film that i was going to show her, KIDS. We even watched on the same day! Weird!
Happy Halloween.
Happy Day Of The Dead.



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