Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Daria: Daria Morgendorfer, Get the look

Remember the TV show Daria!
Just yesterday, my friend Rochelle reminded me of the show that i used to watch with my big sis.
I love this show! No one can remember it! I love the funny American humour it has. And, there acccents are genius. I love the fashion to. IT'S SOOO CUTE. I loved Daria's moody and 'I don't give a fuck' outfit, but it's not too over the top. I have compiled an outfit from Topshop and Doctor Martins, so it's accessable.


Carmen said...

AHHH Daria, we loved this programme. We used to watch it with the tribe, braceface and popular! The good old days.


Joyce said...

Popular was the greatest!!!! I can't believe that they don't show these shows anymore.

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