Saturday, 24 April 2010

Skirt:Urban Outfitters. Plaid shirt:stolen from brother. Lace body:Topshop. Bra: La senza. Blazer:Denim&co. Necklace: vintage

So tired! Art exam, Drama exam, too many exams!!!!

Song: Leighton Meester-Body control

Film:The Faculty <3



Anonymous said...

Les imagens a très beau joyce!

J'adore les poses et your vêtements.

Styled beautifully.

Joyce said...

I actually thought you were a french person and then i looked at your pic and realised!
Merci Cherie!


Natasha Kim said...

hello love the blog and you look amazing. You have a new follower in me! i hope you can find some time to check out mine!


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