Thursday, 8 April 2010

Birthday celebrations and Kimchi Pancakes

      Song: Fancy Pants by Lady Gaga
Film: An Education- such a great film! My hat goes off yo Carey Mulligan who well deserved that nomination, such a smooth performance! Gorgeous fashion. She reminded me of Audrey Hepburn alot in the film.
Addiction: Orange juice, even though it kills my throat and Weetabix, which i now have run out :( Definately lotus balls and coconut buns which i get from Chinatown, so yum!
Outfit: Necklace-ebay. Jumper-ebay(pearls sewn on my me). Boyfriend jeans-Guess. Shoes-Topshop
Happy belated Easter, i loved my Hello Kitty egg and cup!
Birthday: I went to eat at the cutest Korean Cafe in LONDON! It was only small, but it had great music, cool and cute staff and delicious food! I cannot get enough of those Kimchi Pancakes!!!!
Birthday outfit: Balzer-ebay. Under coat-ebay. Bra top-Topshop.Blue under dress-topshop. Skirt-asos. socks-primark. shoes-topshop.



Meggstatus said...

I really like your pants.

Joyce said...


Youthless said...

Gorgeous. You're growing up! 1st Pic really shows this.. x

Julls said...

I love your blog,just founded it.
And I would be glad if you would like to follow eachother :)

You have a great style,and that gold hearts necklace is so sick !

Joyce said...

Yes, i am growiing up, its awful! I'm crying inside but i might as well embrace it!!!
@Julls thank you so much! I would love to follow you!!!

LoliTa said...

great photos- love your red jumper with that necklace!

Julls said...

Thank's then fow following ! I'm following you too !

Joyce said...

@lolita, thank you so much! Btw i'm following you on bloglovin'

Anonymous said...

wow, i love your pink dress!

Fashion Chalet said...

What's a kimchi pancake? Sounds yummy. I like your photos. :)


Nataliexxx said...

Happy Birthday! I love your quirky posts and your self-made tops! "the age of the cupcake" is brilliant. (make sure nbobody steals it -that slogan will make mass produced tees sell out fast!) And your red jumper is oh so lovely.

Joyce said...

Thank you guys!
@Fashion Chalet um, a kimchi pancake it a savory pancake that has seafood in it and kimchi, which is a korean vegetable kind of like cabbage! It's oh so yummy, you have to try it!!!!
@Nataliexxx Thank you so much!!!! All those tops were experiments but because of shitty exams i've had no time to make any new clothes, but i promise i'll make more soon!I'd love to make clothes and give them to people!

The Beautiful and Glammed said...

eep, you are working so many trends! Love the bra top and the studded jumper, amazing styling! Your blog is great, definitely be back! come follow TBAG if you fancy, love xx

Joyce said...

@TBAG Thank you so much, don't be a stranger! I'm deinately following you. Love to!

Constance said...

That jumper look so cute on you! and the first outfit is lovely x

Joyce said...

Thank you, yeah red tends to look better because of my dark hair and pale skin!

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